The Shepherd’s Dog

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I was really disappointed when Sam Beam came out with this album. But it was only recently that I saw the album cover, which I love!


One Sunny Day

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Once upon a trip to that little house in the forest which is so loosely called ‘The Farm’


Where hangovers were scarce (for most) and the air was rather warm.

Yes, it was a slow beginning, but off we finally started…


And Oh my! Doesn’t she look retarded?!

The Korcha

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This is an excerpt from my short story, ‘The Story of The Korcha – A Chinese Legend’ (Illustration also by me)

The Korcha

The Korcha

Part 2

The Korcha

The Korcha is a small, fleshy creature. Its looks are
vaguely reptilian, like a large frog. It is approximately two and a half feet
tall. When it stands still, its thick, leathery skin sags over its frame, like
a rug casually thrown over a stool. When it moves, its muscles quickly expand,
giving it more shape. Its skin is smooth and glistens in the sun. What makes the
Korcha so extraordinary is that it doesn’t seem to age except in one way. As it
grows older, the only physical change visible is a circular pattern of wrinkles
that appears around its navel. This gradually spreads and covers the entire

The Korcha is a mute.
Since it does not eat, the only use for its mouth is to house two exceptionally
strong teeth that can cut through anything. In God’s residence it was
frequently used as a can opener. There have also been times when a Korcha has
served as God’s personal barber, nibbling away at his head and at his beard.

The Korcha does not think, or at least, it does not act on
its own accord. It does what it is told to do and it does this well, making it
the ideal worker. Its sharp claws and flexible limbs make it an excellent

The Korcha can go years without sleeping. It is largely wide
awake and hence, has thick bags under its eyes. The skin that these bags are
made of is strong and possesses a strangely elastic quality. Because of this,
the bags under the Korcha’s eyes can be stretched to hold large objects. It is even
said that, as a child, God himself could climb under a Korcha’s eye. What is however
certain is that God used to hide some of His prized possessions in the bags
under the eyes, whether stationery or books, or merely scraps of paper that might
be misplaced.

The Korcha’s head is covered with fine hair that glows
brightly when set ablaze, turning the top of the Korcha’s head into something
like a candle that doesn’t burn out quickly. It could take months, even years
for that to happen. Also, the hair regenerates rapidly, making the Korcha’s head
an unending source of light. A Korcha with a flaming head was a very common
sight in Heaven.

Weird Fishes…

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Yes, it’s Vishnu to rescue. Nothing can destroy evil pig-faced demons, with the exception of giant flying goldfish of course.

“Leave those children alone! Pig-man type person!”

The Guide

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Location: Mysore Palace

Date: Sometime in 2001( I think)

“One part of the palace is ten Rupees,” he said , “there are twenty parts in all. So to buy the whole palace, it will cost you two-hundred rupees,” he continued, grinning at the expressions of bewilderment on the faces of the tour group, before putting the final cog in his ‘master plan’ – “In POSTCARDS!” The group was annoyed. He was extremely pleased.

This was on my previous blog as well, but I keep snickering to myself everytime I read it. Besides, I can’t think of anything else to post.

The Multiplex

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Dear X,

I’m back with another blog (again). I hope this time, things go a lot better. There’s no better time to kick off a blog, than a lazy Tuesday afternoon, with the smell of firecrackers still lingering in the air, the sun forcing the rain to stay away and the haunting voice of Beth Gibbons ringing in my ears. So without wasting any more of our time, I give you, The Multiplex.

The Multiplex

The Multiplex is an unusual creature. It resembles a old, large, lumpy, dark brown (almost black) bolster. The Multiplex has two pudgy hands and two pudgy legs. It looks vaguely human. It has longish hair on its head, two almond shaped eyes and it wears a funny expression on its face. The Multiplex is slightly cock-eyed. It waddles around aimlessly, in the hope of picking up conversations. Over time, it has learned to imitate humans, making it easier for it to talk to people. Conversation is vital to the Multiplex, it subsists on the exchange of words – irrespective of their relevance. Needless to say, this makes the Multiplex a highly obnoxious creature. It’s unattractive appearance doesn’t work in its favour either. Hence, to win over the goodwill of others, it stocks itself with a large number of goodies, primarily chocolates and other small objects that it can give away and appear to be a good person. The Multiplex has also developed several techniques to pick up conversations. For one, it goes around collecting newspaper clippings so it can walk up to someone and say, “Oh did you know that a man in France can eat…” or,”Look! a cow was born with two heads!” The multiplex is also very eager to offer a helping hand. This is done in the hope of being nourished with a thank you.

The strangest thing about the Multiplex is that it constantly sweats a black transparent fluid, something that resembles a shadow. This highly volatile black substance vaporizes only moments after the Multiplex sheds it. Often, a Multiplex squeezes its arms, releasing bucketfuls of the substance – that fall into another state of being – it is believed that it is this substance that makes rain-clouds grey.

The multiplex can speak excellent English. It has a shrill sing-song voice that often infuriates people. The fact that needs to converse to survive does not help its case. People generally walk away from it after exchanging a few sentences. The Multiplex knows that it is not wanted, but it continues to bother people with questions, out of desperation for conversation, for that temporary companionship. It is afraid that it will die of loneliness…