A Short History

This is the description of Bharat Mirle from his Myspace page. You must note that is it a tad exaggerated.

“The son of a poor farmer and a flower-woman, Bharat Mirle listened to his first bit of western music when he was eight. Soon after, the industrious genius that he was, Bharat Mirle built his first guitar from a steel plate and several rubber-bands – an instrument which was certified by innumerable trivial persons as ‘very cool’. It was this instrument which led to the composition of his first single, ‘Somebody is Telling Me No No’ which, according to several trifling individuals would’ve “topped the charts internationally,” if it had been officially released. Bharat Mirle continued producing phenomenal music, all of which was destroyed in the Gujarat Earthquake on January 26, 2001 when he was aiming to set a world record, by running incessantly across the country. It was here that, apart from the loss of his music, Bharat Mirle also suffered head injuries and lost all memory of the godly music he had created. Over the next few years, Bharat Mirle’s musical side lay dormant. To further muffle his musical side – it was the result of the inner tension created by the sudden muting of his talent-, Bharat Mirle began to do badly in his academic stream, becoming the helpless victim of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It was only towards his class 12, when he began to take guitar classes , that his musical side was once again released from its shackles… Now dawns the age of Mirle, when his music shall envelop the world…is it ready???”


2 Responses to “A Short History”

  1. “Tad exaggerated” it seems.

  2. Hehe!
    Shikha, what did you expect from Bharat anyway?!

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